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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rules and Scoring

Mid Atlantic Time Trial Series: Scoring and Rules

The official scoring and rules for the MATTS Series goes like this:


•All racers are eligible to earn individual points.
•Racers will receive points for the Category they race in at the actual race (i.e., if you race as a Cat 4 at Deep Blue then you get Cat 4 points for that race, if you then race Master 35+ at Church Creek then you get scored towards the Master 35+ for that race).
•Racers from any region or local association are eligible. Unattached riders are also eligible for the individual competition.

Individual Scoring:

•All scoring will be based on the official results published by the race promoter.
•Points will be awarded to a racer's score in the Individual Competition as follows:

1st Place: 15 points
2nd Place: 14 points
3rd place: 12 points
4th place: 11 points
5th place: 10 points
6th place: 9 points
7th place: 8 points
8th place: 7 points
9th place: 6 points
10th place:5 points
11th place:4 points
12th place:3 points
13th place:2 points
14th place:1 point

Everything else: 1 point (ie, 1 point for showing up and finishing)

•Points are awarded based on absolute finishing position

•If a racer upgrades out of a Category during the MATTS series, he is not removed from the competition. However, he will not be able to accrue any additional points.
•If a racer changes teams during the MATTS series, he may continue to accrue points that will contribute to his individual scoring total. Individual points are team-agnostic.
•In the event of a tie, the series leader or series winner will be determined through the following scenarios, in order:

◦At the last MATTS series event where the tied contestants both competed, the tie-break will be awarded to to the racer who finished higher (ie, if you beat them on the road, you beat them in the competition)
◦If the racers did not compete directly against each other during the MATTS series, the tie-break will be awarded to the racer with the most Top 3 finishes in MATTS Series events
◦If the racers did not compete directly against each other and have the same number of Top 3 finishes, the tie-break will be awarded to the racer who had the most Top 10finishes in MATTS series events.
◦If that still doesn't do it, the tie-break will be awarded to the racer who registered for the most MATTS Series events.
◦Seriously? OK, if there's still a tie the winner is the racer who competed in a MATTS Series event most recently.


Individual prizes - 1st overall for each Category wins Pactimo Custom Jersey.


  1. This series needs a Clysdale class!!!

  2. What would be the basis for that? MABRA and other racing associations do not have Clydesdale/Athena as far as I am aware. Would you want Cat 1 Clydesdale, Cat 2 Clydesdale etc?

  3. Why does 3rd place get 12 points and not 13? Is it a mistake or do you just not like the number 13? :-)

  4. The scoring provides some separation between the top two places...just a little incentive to get the top spots.

  5. Any chance there can be a Meckx class in these events for those of us who don't have the space and/or budget for a TT rig? Just curious.

    1. Not as part of the Series but individual races might be hosting Merckx categories. (Church Creek is for example and those racers get included into their appropriate category for the series)